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A choice in which one minimises distractions for a period of time to experience a period of enhanced focus, discipline and productivity, dedicated to achieving a goal

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Monk Mode is a mindset that has created a practical, tested, planning system and journal in which you write for the full 12 weeks.

With this system you can achieve annual goals in a few months without stress and burnouts. Monk Mode is ideal for people who want to achieve goals in a structured manner. This book is carefully organised so that you can live a maximally productive life

Monk Mode is temporarily available for €75 (instead of €125)

The content of the book consists of specially developed clear systems that guide you every day. It also contains weekly plannings and reviews next to the monthly reflections. As an extra, I have included weekly skill upgrades that help you easily apply the necessary improvements in your life and create your own successes

Monk Mode is written in English. This language contains more words, so I can be more precise

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Rachel Hibma - Applied psychologist & orthomolecular nutrition coach

Great book to get more structure and focus in your life!



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Keynote 1: The best version of yourself (60 or 90 minutes)

Discover what really matters to you

Keynote 2: Maximally productive in the 21st century (60 or 90 minutes)

Discover how to be maximally productive in the 21st century

Workshop of 4 or 8 hours

An interactive, fully facilitated workshop in which participants work in-depth independently and in groups based on the concepts of the 2 training courses above

Performance coaching

Coaching to empower people based on reflection

Masterminds of 2-3 hours

This is a high-intensity round table setting for 5-6 like-minded people who share knowledge and experience to gain better insights and solve problems more effectively

About the author

William Hummel

Discover the power of Monk Mode and how I changed my life from success to debt and back to success again. Read my story full of embarrassing and painful moments, use the workbook and learn how I found success by doing the opposite of most people. Learn from my sixteen years of mistakes, setbacks and experiences all over the world with monks and in the world of business.

What users say

The coaching and the book are a great combination
Arnik Rusthoven - Co-owner Beruleads
The author, William Hummel, has carefully mapped out how to become successful in a short period of 100 days.
Dennis Claassen - Growth hacker
Great book to get more structure and focus in your life!
Rachel Hibma - Applied Psychologist & Orthomolecular Nutrition Coach
The book brings peace, successes and many insights into yourself
Annemieke van den Steen - Communicationtrainer

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